JC Rositas, Owner, Filmmaker/Photographer

BIO:  JC is the owner of Crimson Night Productions as well as the parent company, ViviComp Media.  He has produced the documentary When The Walls Talk:  The Whispers Estate Documentary, and has both produced and directed CNP's short films.  JC has a background in studio engineering and music, and he enjoys mixing & editing sound.  Additionally, he has experience in cinematography and photography, and he loves incorporating ideas and techniques of light and shadow manipulation to enhance the dramatic feeling of the images he produces.



Crimson Night Productions:  http://www.cnproductions.net

ViviComp Media:  http://www.vivicomp.net

J Rositas Photography:  FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/jrositasphotography  |  INSTAGRAM http://www.instagram.com/jrositasphotography  |  YOUPIC http://youpic.com/photographer/JCRositas/



JC ENJOYS WORKING WITH CRIMSON NIGHT PRODUCTIONS BECAUSE: "I initially sought to do a documentary project about a house in southern Indiana that I had visited countless times that is reportedly "haunted," and the house is known by many as Whispers Estate. My experiences there culminated into a need to tell the story of the house, which prompted me to create a production company suitable for telling a haunted house story. Crimson Night Productions was born from that idea. I had the privilege to work with some very talented, creative, and experienced people on that project. I had intended to move forward with other projects, but to leave CNP as a dedicated production company name to the documentary we developed. However, the projects that followed were also aligned with the horror genre; hence, Crimson Night Productions has remained as the banner production company for our horror/thriller genre projects, and it will continue to do so for many more to come.


Being at the forefront of Crimson Night Productions has provided me so much invaluable insight about filmmaking. Although the company, as well as me as a filmmaker, continues to grow, CNP will strive to deliver the best quality of its productions as possible. Having this goal is what drives me to continue to do the best in any of our productions that we will do, going forward. The greatest enjoyment I have had has been working with great like-minded colleagues and friends. They are the ones that really help make the magic happen, and I am so grateful to know and work with so many talented people."