Andy Collins, Producer/Director/Creative

BIO:  Andy Collins is an award-winning broadcast and video producer, director and editor. He started his career in broadcast/video in 2005 while still a student at Purdue. He cut his teeth working in the school’s communication studio. From there, he began shooting weddings and corporate videos for Digital Source Productions. Over the course of the next few years, Andy seized every opportunity that came his way and ended up working as a camera operator for ESPN, ABC, Comcast Sports, and TLC. In addition to his work in broadcast, he has also gotten into audio production having created and produced “The Tim Brown Show” for WIMS radio. With an award-winning track record of more than a dozen international awards for his directing and stop-motion animation skills, Andy joined Crimson Night Productions during its genesis. He played an active role in the filming and editing of “When the Walls Talk: The Whispers Estate Documentary.” He has been working to help the company grow while also completing his masters in History.



ANDY ENJOYS WORKING WITH CRIMSON NIGHT PRODUCTIONS BECAUSE:  "I've been working with Crimson Night Productions for a while now. Each project brings new challenges that I love taking part in. I've had many great experiences with CNP and have met a lot of great people who enjoy creative collaboration. CNP has also played a huge role in the podcast I created, "Volumes of Fear" (soundcloud.com/volumesoffear). They've not only helped to record and edit the audio for this project, they've also helped with marketing and promotion efforts. This is a company that has really helped me out with my creative endeavors and allowed me to be a part of their own. I look forward to helping them out more in the future and being a part of the team."