Crimson Night Productions’ Response to COVID-19

Author: JC . | | Categories: Documentary Production , Film Production , Video Production


The rapid global rise of COVID-19 has impacted countless businesses in a myriad of ways. The entertainment industry is one of many industries that suffered because of how they produce projects, and as most of our work takes place in person. Although a few restrictions were lifted, we must maintain vigilance to what remains an ongoing threat to our safety, and we respond accordingly. Safety for our staff and clients is as our paramount priority.

As a subsidiary of ViviComp Media, Crimson Night Productions follows the COVID-19 response guidelines set forth by our parent entity, which include (but are not exhaustive), remote services, adherence to donning of masks, and social distancing.

A reference to ViviComp Media’s position and response to COVID-19 is up on our website:

We strive for collaboration, whether with individuals or business entities. At this time, we are restricting our services and operations to remote productions and services as well as limiting personnel on production sites. Production projects, especially those that require large-scale staffing (e.g., film/video projects), are on hold.

Communication is key to remaining engaged with our staff, supporters, and clientele. We remain committed to providing communication on an ongoing basis, as often as necessary, currently providing communication on our Facebook page. We are looking to adopt additional avenues to extend communication, including an increase in postings on our webpage as well as other social media sites like Instagram.

Whenever feasible, we work remotely from home to support the efforts in flattening the curve of COVID-19 and the many business entities, including those not affiliated with entertainment production who are working on preventing COVID-19. We have to push toward flattening the curve, even though these changes are not what we are used to, as compared to our regular operations. These changes are the only way that we can reconvene in the work setting again as safely as possible.

Working remotely sometimes presents challenges including, reduced communication, loss of VPN or internet access, variable or reduced internet speeds, electronic file aberrations, personal interruptions to daily productivity, presumed reduction in production motivation by others (e.g., clients, other team members, etc.). We have managed to stay aligned to production schedules for projects just as it has in the past, and hold those persons accountable for project timelines across all aspects and phases of production projects.

Since the onset of the pandemic, we do not work in any office space, but handle the occasional project, remotely so we can stay safe and keep others safe. Although we are not utilizing a workspace at this time, we continue to follow practices for safety and disinfection, provided through the CDC guidelines. We are willing to travel within a 25-mile radius to meet with clients in-person; however, pre-planned arrangements that detail location and safety expectations will need to be agreed and adhered-to both prior and during in-person meetings. Additionally, we will require a post-meeting phone call or teleconference meeting like Zoom for health status checks for all involved in the in-person meeting.

Our work hours remain variable for our staff, which helps provide them with the convenience to work on projects requiring the meeting of scheduled deadlines. We have not had to use a secure platform for the sharing of confidential data with clients. Most of the work we handle has to be coordinated in person and shared with our clients.

We are open to video conference meetings, currently handling them with our staff, and we are considering extending them to our clients. Additionally, we are slated to participate in virtual public events, occurring in October. We believe in the importance of maintaining our presence in the community during these unprecedented times, and we support virtual streaming as a tool to meet that challenge.

As we move forward, we encourage everyone to please place your prejudices and opinions to the side and strive to abide by the requests set out to promote public safety. We recognize the concerns and frustrations felt by many, however, whatever chance there may be to help quell this pandemic to the point that we can return to our daily lives and save the lives of others, no matter how small that chance might be, we should take it. We should follow the advice our healthcare and scientific experts are asking us to.

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